The term Survival is derived from English and means as much as survival. If you are looking for survival games, then we have just the thing for you. Typically you find yourself in an emergency situation in a survival game and try to make the best of it. The Survival genre has been enjoying increasing popularity for some time now and there is now a large selection of games on the market. A äsimilar kind of games are the Battle Royale games, which we have also covered for you in a separate category.

What are survival games and what is behind the popularity of the genre?

The first priority is of course to survive, as the name already promises. Often you start in an Openworld without equipment and without special abilities, weapons or resources. This is how you usually start collecting resources, weapons and all kinds of useful gadgets. In some games you have to defend yourself against NPC’s, monsters or other unfriendly players besides the adversities of the elements. In many games, however, besides the almost normal Überlebenskampf, you also have to deal with the needs of your character. So you need food, water and the right clothes as well as sleep. In some cases, the requirements of the game maker also reach so far that the process after digestion of food must also be taken into account.

Further aspects of the genre are building shelters, houses, bunkers or even entire fortresses. Many games have prefabricated elements which can be used for building. Other games let you also in the sandbox principle all options and you can build, at least as far as the game engine gives it, everything you want. Of course, for all your projects you first have to have the appropriate resources in the game world farms.

Most games of the survival genre also have an online mode or are only playable on servers. Here it offers itself to go out together with friends around together around the Üuml;berleben to kämpfen. This opens up many new possibilities and you can reach your goal much faster, especially when building. In the online worlds you often meet other players too, of whom you never know whether they are friendly or hostile. Here you also have a clear advantage in the group over single players.

What is the difference between survival games and which ones are especially popular?

With all the features that the games share, most differ in game setting. One of the pioneers of the Survival Games is the former ArmA Mod named DayZ, which is now a standalone version. In this zombieshooter you have to survive in an Eastern European rural world against hordes of zombies and other players. Besides the usual fight for survival, the game also offers the possibility to build bases, repair and drive vehicles and one of the biggest game worlds of modern games. Another example is the voxel game Minecraft, which every gamer has probably played before. In this sandbox survival game, building is given an important role. Minecraft has set new standards for video games, especially in the freedom, variety and possibilities of building, because there are no limits here. Another very popular game is Ark: Survival Evolved. In this survival game you'll find yourself on an island full of dinosaurs to visit. In addition to futuristic equipment, weapons of all kinds can also help.

The list of survival games is very long, so you should take a look at it yourself. No matter which game you choose, with our Keyfuchs Gamekey price comparison you can be sure that you will find the best price for the game.