FPS games, first-person shooters or baller games. Certainly there are many more names for this genre. This genre promises action, thrills and the constant urge to be the best. The video game industry is pulling out all the stops to make the gaming experience more immersive. So it is not surprising that the market for tournaments is constantly growing and a large fan community is quickly gathering. This was also the case with Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG for short, here you saw what the fascination of a good shooter can achieve. Within a short period of time, several million players were online at the same time and fought each other to the death. This is just one extreme example of the success of this genre.

What are the characteristics of FPS games and what subspecies are there?

The most important thing is actually already in the name, first-person shooter or first-person shooter. Here you experience the game from the first-person perspective of your character, which promises a more intense experience as you explore the game world. The second component shows what makes up the main part of the game, the shooting. Here there are quite different possibilities and settings, so you can find yourself in some games in the Wild West and in others in a sci-fi adventure in space. Before you decide on a setting, however, you should be clear which of the many sub-genres is the right one for you. On the one hand there are the classic arcade shooters, which represent the root of the ego shooters. This is primarily about movement, reaction speed and target accuracy. Also the opponents differ here from the other genres. In the single player games you often have to deal with whole hordes of opponents, here Doom is one of the first classics to be mentioned... But the majority nowadays are rather the online egoshooters. Stealth shooters are another important sub-genre, where the player often has to fight against an overpowering opponent. The goal can usually only be achieved by sneaking, distraction and assassination. A very good example of this are the Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid series. But you will still experience thrills, because often it's only milliseconds that decide about life and death. The tactics shooters offer a good average here, because here you can create your own tactics to achieve your goal. Often you find yourself in the midst of a terror scenario, in which you either have to plant bombs or decipher them or decide to take hostages. So you can decide if you want to go to the good guys or the B&ooms. Here you can find classics like Counter-Strike or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. But the principle of the tactical shooter also has a number bigger. So you will find yourself in some games on whole battlegrounds. Here you can usually take a seat in a vehicle and go for a walk on land, water or air. The currently most popular games from this category of shooters are Squad, Arma and Battlefield.
Whereby these games often also contain elements of other genres.

If you prefer to associate this with a deeper story, there are also games that take up aspects of role-playing games. They are hybrids of FPS and RPG games and offer you a story to live through rather than repetitive battles on the maps. So in BioShock you find yourself in a fictitious underwater city, which you have been devastated after bloody conflicts between the inhabitants. Your goal here is to find an escape route and not let anyone stop you on your way there. The decisions you make here have an influence on what happens in the game. But games in the Wild West are also very popular. So the developer studio Rockstar has succeeded a true masterpiece. With Red Dead Redemption 2, you perform here in the Wild West of the 19th century and are part of a band of bandits. On the run from the law, you'll see lots of loving stories between horses, smoking colts and Pinkerton's agents. That sounds great? Then get in the saddle and write your bounty.

As you can see the FPS games are very multifaceted and always offer you what you are looking for.
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