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What should you play?

If you're wondering what's the best thing to play for PC, XBox or PlayStation 4, we've got the answer. The Game Fox game suggestion helps you to answer the question "What should I play? Just enter up to three of your favorite games. Our Suggestion Generator will make suggestions based on the opinions of other players. Just browse through this list and discover new or better known games that you may not have had on your screen yet.

The Game Fox: Games only at the best price

With The Game Fox price comparison you will always find the latest games and classics for all platforms at the best price. The pricing of the dealers is often difficult for the customer to understand. So a game on the release date can be cheaper as a pre-order than after two months on the market. A Season Pass version can be more expensive than the main game with later purchased DLCs. Games on a disc are partly cheaper than the digital download.

The Game Fox puts an end to the confusion about prices and lists the most important suppliers with their respective prices. Save yourself the hassle of browsing through dozens of shops and buy your PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games at the best price from now on. Never pay more than necessary for a game!

Benefit from cheap Steam Gamekeys

All mail order companies and download platforms for games are competing in a highly competitive market. In order to attract attention, there are therefore always special offers that are looking for their peers. These deals are often games that are sold at cost price. This way the customers can be animated to buy even more things in the shop.

But most of the time you don't even notice the special offers. Or do you have the time to read brochures every day and browse through the many online shops? With The Game Fox, you have all the bargains at a glance. Simply use the search function and within seconds you will see the best possible shop for your game.

Price alert for games via email - don't miss a good deal

Not all games are immediately subject to large price fluctuations. Many AAA-Games need already one year or even longer, in order to be able to be acquired clearly more favorably. To make sure you don't miss this moment, The Game Fox offers you a convenient price alarm. Simply enter your e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail when your desired price is reached. Of course you can do that at as many games as you want. So you are always provided with inexpensive games and save a lot of money.

Waiting for the best price for a game key is often useful

Whether PlayStation 4 or PC Games: Numerous games are no longer sufficiently tested nowadays - a bug-free game practically does not exist. It often takes months until all critical updates are produced and distributed. If you wait for publishers to deliver an error-free version, you'll get the most out of the waiting time in two ways: you'll get a game you don't have to worry about, and it's probably cheaper already.

Discover new games

The Game Fox offers you not only a very easy to use price comparison, but also a platform to browse. One or the other game is featured and can complete your game collection. Important to know: Of course we only list reputable dealers. Especially with computer and console games there are fraudulent offers on the net.

These fake shops are excluded with us. After all, we want to win you as a satisfied gamer. Only certified shops, which quickly send the goods or supply the key for a download platform, are accepted by The Game Fox.