You've always dreamed of leading your own sports team or being a sports star to take your club to the top of the world? That and much more is possible in the world of sports games. How often do you get the chance to play the UEFA Champions League title in front of tens of thousands of spectators in a stadium? Or in the finals of the world famous Stanley Cup of the NHL to play the cup.

What makes sports games special and makes them popular?

As the correct expression of sports, sports games on PC and consoles have now arrived in the middle of society. So there are even own tournaments, on which individual players or whole teams compete in competition and try to secure a tournament victory. At so-called e-sport tournaments, however, it is no longer just a matter of a simple victory against all the others, but also of high prize money.

But this is only an incentive for the real professionals of sports games to keep improving in their favourite games. The incentive for the majority of gamers is more likely to see and create what is only possible for a very small number of people. Because only the best of the best make it to the finals of a world championship or a national championship. So it is not surprising that many of the gamers do what they do in real life hobby on the PC or console play.

What are the most popular titles of the sports game genre?

As in normal life, football games are the most popular games of the genre in the virtual world. The FIFA series from EA Canada is probably the most popular football simulation in the world. New offshoots with the current stars, stadiums and football clubs of the entire world have been appearing every year for 25 years. So you get the opportunity to play Lionel Messi, Marco Reus, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr. and to put together your own dream club. In addition to the abilities of the characters in the game, however, it is above all the abilities of the players that are in demand. With Keyfuchs you can easily find the most popular FIFA 20 Key.

Even the racing fans are exactly right in this genre, because the racing games are also part of this genre. A new title in the Codemasters Formula 1 racing game series has been published annually since 2009. The PC and console version of Formula 1, officially licensed by the FIA, has been popular for years and brings the thrill of motor racing into the home living room or children's room. After all, who hasn't dreamed of winning the season with the Scuderia or a Silver Arrow and finally being able to call themselves World Champion? But there are also skiing and snowboarding games for fans of winter sports, so Steep is probably one of the most popular games of this sub genre. Basketball, football and ice hockey are becoming more and more popular and have been on PC and consoles for years.

Füfor whom are sports games suitable and why should you play them?

It should be clear by now that sports games are something for everyone who is interested in sports. This gives you the opportunity to have a second life as a superstar in football, racing or other sports in addition to your everyday life. You can fill the gaps between the next game of your favourite club and spend time with friends. Because above all the genre of sports games and simulations is suitable for playing with or against friends or you play against fellow players from all over the world and get to know new people quite automatically.