Simulation games – As the name suggests, these games simulate certain events and scenarios from real life. The focus here is usually on an experience that is as close to reality as possible. The basic idea is that you can experience things that you may not experience in the real world. In order to give this experience as exactly as possible, most games limit themselves to one area. This is offset by an enormously broad market offer.

In most simulations you can experience things you probably won't experience in real life. Escape the daily routine as a Büro merchant and sit in the cockpit of an A380 is just one example. There are several types of simulators that are not limited to one activity or job. In some games you can control an entire economic system and prove yourself as the leader of an entire state. The complexity of the games increases from year to year and sometimes reaches incredible proportions. But first let's have a look at the individual subgenres.

What are the subgenres and where are the differences?

construction and management simulators are the more extensive games of this genre. This is where you build, expand or manage fictional companies, projects or communities. Some games are so complex that they create a deeper understanding of the economy. Studies could even prove here that players after playing easily changed their views on politics and government. For example, there was more appreciation but also greater expectations of the government among some participants. But why don't you try it out for yourself? In Tropico 6 you can take on the role of dictator and run your own island state. Who knows what deeper experiences you will take with you.

The life simulators are also very popular with many players. The probably best known offshoot of this genre is the Sims series. Here you control one or more game characters. From birth to death, you can decide anything. Even your own four walls can be freely designed by you or at least within the framework of the game possibilities. So you can start your own family here, build a villa on the outskirts and do your dream job as a doctor. That sound good? Then have a look at some games of this category.

The first simulation games also included the sports simulators. In 1986 the BMX Simulator game came onto the market and enjoyed great popularity. Meanwhile the selection is of course much bigger. So you can find the right game for almost every sport. Football games are particularly popular in Europe. If you want to take control of one of the famous football stars, FIFA is for you. Here you can even put together your own team the way you want. The sport simulators are such a fan magnet that even whole tournaments are held. You can partly win 6-digit amounts of money here. Assuming you're good enough. Also niche sports find attention with the developers and are available for you.

Besides the mentioned subgenres there are many more. So some tactical shooters are used to prepare real soldiers for the mission. Many of these games are very popular with normal players. The Arma series is a very well-known example here. Who would like to take a seat in the cockpit of an airplane or fighter jet will also find the right one. Games like Flight Simulator X or Flight Gear: Flight simulators offer a truly impressive experience. Of course, there are also racing games with land vehicles. This is how you get behind the wheel of cars in Project CARS 2.

The Truck Simulator and Agricultural Simulator games have become particularly popular in recent years. The decisive factors are certainly the size and the possibilities of the games. And who hasn't always dreamed of sitting in the driver's cabin of a four-pic-ton truck and exploring the highways as a child.

Whether now life simulator, management simulator or one of the other games. When you buy the game, you can be sure that we at Keyfuchs always have the best price available for you.