Assassin's Creed Shadows - The 10 Biggest Changes

16 June 2024, 17:55 / by Fabian Roßbach
Assassin's Creed Shadows - The 10 Biggest Changes

Assassin's Creed Shadows is just around the corner, and Ubisoft has announced numerous changes that will greatly impact the gaming experience. Here are the 10 biggest changes you should know about.

Synchronization Points: A New Approach

One of the most striking changes concerns the synchronization points. Instead of simply climbing towers and filling in the map with a press of a button, you must now manually look for interesting points and mark them yourself. This change is intended to make exploration in the game world more immersive, similar to "Immortals, Fenyx Rising" and "Breath of the Wild".

Dual Protagonists

In Shadows, you play as two separate characters: Naoe, a Shinobi specialized in stealth, and Yasuke, a historical Samurai focused on combat. Both characters have unique abilities and tools that enable different playstyles. Experience points and resources are shared, allowing you to switch between them at any time.

Revamped Stealth System

Stealth is back in the spotlight. Light and shadow play a crucial role, and you can destroy lanterns to create dark areas. A light meter indicates how concealed you are. Additionally, there is once again the option to incapacitate enemies non-lethally, and for the first time, you can also lie down and crawl.

Brutal Combat

Combat in Shadows is intended to be intense and visceral. Positioning and dodging are crucial, and enemies' armor can be destroyed. Different weapons have their own skill trees, and there is a crafting system for katanas. Inspirations come from games like "Ghost of Tsushima" and "Neo".

Nonlinear Campaign

Shadows returns to the roots of the series with a campaign focused on tracking down and eliminating targets. You can decide the order in which you tackle the targets and must gather clues to take them out. Some targets move freely in the game world and can be discovered randomly.

Dynamic Damage

The new engine allows for dynamic damage to objects based on the type of weapon used. Katanas can make precise cuts, while hammers can smash objects. This feature could be particularly satisfying if implemented correctly.

Seasonal System

The game will offer dynamic seasons that bring more than just cosmetic differences. In spring, there are more hiding spots in the grass, while winter offers less cover but causes guards to stay closer to fires. These changes are intended to make the game more realistic and varied.

Building a Spy Network

A management mini-game allows you to build a spy network. You can recruit special spies and send them on missions, similar to the Brotherhood management system in previous games. There is also a hideout where you can manage your equipment.

NEO NPC AI Technology

Ubisoft is testing a new advanced NPC AI technology called NEO, which could make the behavior of guards more intelligent and reactive. Although it is unlikely that this technology will be fully implemented in Shadows, Ubisoft is paving the way for an exciting future for the series.


Assassin's Creed Shadows brings numerous exciting innovations that could significantly alter the gameplay experience. From revamped synchronization points and dual protagonists to a complex stealth system and dynamic seasons – it seems like Ubisoft is aiming to steer the series in a promising direction with Shadows. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare yourself for a revolutionary adventure.

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