Dead by Daylight - Vecna brings fantasy horror to the fog

13 June 2024, 19:50 / by Fabian Roßbach
Dead by Daylight - Vecna brings fantasy horror to the fog

Discover the latest chapter of Dead by Daylight, where the dark world of Dungeons & Dragons meets the popular horror shocker. With the new Killer Vecna, two playable Survivors, and the map Forgotten Ruins, the game is enriched with some captivating elements.

The New Killer: Vecna, the Lich

Vecna, known as the Lord of the Rotten Tower and Master of Secrets, is a calculating conqueror and master of magic. In Dead by Daylight, he brings his ruthless pursuit of domination into the fog. As the new Killer, Vecna offers unique abilities that will teach his opponents to fear him. His powers include powerful spells and an exclusive weapon, the Blade of Chaos, which can only be unlocked by purchasing the Dungeons & Dragons chapter.

The New Survivors: Aestri Yazar and Baermar Uraz

This chapter also introduces two new Survivors: Aestri Yazar and Baermar Uraz, two fearless bards and adventurers. Their encounters with evil are legendary and sung about in ballads. Aestri and Baermar bring a breath of fresh air to the Survivor roster of Dead by Daylight. Players can switch between Aestri and Baermar to utilize different tactical approaches. Purchasing the chapter also unlocks exclusive cosmetic items: The Golden Elven Bodice for Aestri and The Golden Brocade Shirt for Baermar.

The New Map: Forgotten Ruins

The map Forgotten Ruins is available to all players and offers a dark, labyrinthine environment that perfectly complements the game's atmosphere. The ruins are full of dangerous corners and hiding spots that provide both Survivors and Killers with new challenges. The design of this map reflects the eerie and mystical aesthetic of Dungeons & Dragons, creating tension-filled matches.

Exclusive Cosmetic Items

Players who purchase the Dungeons & Dragons chapter will receive three exclusive cosmetic items along with the new characters. The Blade of Chaos for Vecna, The Golden Elven Bodice for Aestri, and The Golden Brocade Shirt for Baermar add extra shine and individuality to the game.

Adjustments and Bug Fixes

Alongside the new content, there are also some significant adjustments and bug fixes:

  • The Good Guy - Addons: Power Drill and Automatic Screwdriver have been adjusted to make gameplay more fair.
  • UX Improvement: A new option has been added to choose between a large and a reduced item preview.
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous issues have been resolved, including problems with the "Bloody Rewards" challenge, audio glitches with The Legion's Backstabber Outfit, and various bugs with bots and characters.


The Dungeons & Dragons chapter brings a breath of fresh air and exciting content to Dead by Daylight. Vecna as the new Killer, Aestri Yazar and Baermar Uraz as Survivors, and the Forgotten Ruins offer new challenges and introduce fascinating elements to the game. The new cosmetic items and the numerous bug fixes also contribute to an enhanced gaming experience. With a few minor adjustments, this chapter could become one of the best expansions for Dead by Daylight.

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