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Dying Light 2 - Stay Human Dying Laugh Bundle - PC
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Rais Bundle - PC
Dying Light 2 - Nightrunner Bundle - PC
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Things to know about Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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4.7 / 5.0

In the horror survival game Dying Light 2, masses of undead zombies are waiting for you in the shadows.

This Open World game is centered around a zombie apocalypse. You'll have to free the city from the hordes of zombies and rebuild it. The choices you make, and what you do will have an impact on how your city develops. If you want, you can also join one of the different factions and complete missions for them.

Zombies thrive in the dark, so keep an eye out to the sky: at night the zombies will come into the city, and are more dangerous than ever.

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