Role-playing games or to English RPG (role-playing game) – Created in the 1970s as a modern offshoot of pen-and-paper role-playing games. So they have their roots in games like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Nowadays, of course, they are much more complex and the possibilities of modern hardware üalso exceed the old ones many times over.

What are role plays and where do they come from exactly?

The acronym respectively the english name gives us a more exact definition.
That's how it should be called role-playing games. So they're games in which you take on the role of a character. It should also be noted that the character is not one's own. In games like Wii Party, for example, it's like playing yourself. Tetris is just as easy to recognize as not RPG. But now it's starting to get harder. In games like Battlefield or Call of Duty, you take control of a character. But here you can't really influence the abilities of your character. Even at the start you can't create a character here and give it your desired abilities. However, this is often mentioned as the most important criterion of a role play. According to this interpretation, JRPG’s (Japan role-playing games), for example, should not be included in the RPG’s. Because here it is usually not possible to influence this very character creation.

The problem originates from the original origin of the genre name. This one comes from the Pen & Paper role-playing games. Here you have invented your own character and its abilities. Also the adventure or the quest you complete you or one of the other players have invented.
The best known game is Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). When the time of the first computer games came, the first games for which D&D was the godfather were created. You can also clearly see this in the early RPG’s in the rules and procedures adopted.

That's why you shouldn't see the name composition too closely. But the name has established itself over the years and the games can be found under this acronym. The individual subgenres can provide you with information about the exact content.

What subgenres of role playing games are there?

Among the classical computer RPG’s there are the already mentioned JRPG’s. This does not necessarily mean all games developed in Japan. Dark Souls is made in Japan, but is not a JRPG. In the classic games of this sub-genre you will often find a round based game system – Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior are a very good example for this. Another aspect is the graphic. In many games you will find yourself in a world that is strongly influenced by anime style. So if you like to read or watch animes, you are sure to find something suitable. Another feature is the linear gameplay – The path you take to get there is already defined beforehand and you can only influence the way you get ahead.

The direct counterpart to the JRPG’s are the WRPG’s or western role-playing games.
Also, not every RPG developed in the West is a WRPG. So again the style of the game is meant as its origin. The main features of the WRPG are its real-time capabilities. Examples are the Star Wars and Might and Magic series. The descent from the original RPG’s you can also see a little more clearly here. Here the classics Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate are a good example of what they mean. Character creation is an important part of the western role-playing games. This allows you to customize the game a little bit more to your needs and preferences. So you can remember that the JRPG’s and the WRPG’S are actually the exact opposite of each other. Apart from controlling a character of course.

SRPG’s are strategy role-playing games – So strategy role-playing games. Here you will find the basic features of an RPG’s mixed with the aspect of strategy games. If you are looking for a challenging game in which story and strategy are equally to be found, then take a closer look at these games.

ARPG’s means action rpg – So here you'll find a mix of action game and RPG. When a game has enough action to qualify as ARPG is of course up to you. As an example you can find games like Kingdom Hearts here. But also games like Metal Gear Solid, Borderlands and God of War are assigned to this category.

You can remember the following: A game tells a story and you control a character, then it's probably a role-playing game. The more exact classification into this gladly remains however überlassen the itself. Just have a look at our offer and decide if one of the games meets your taste. And if you have found one, then be sure that when you buy from Keyfuchs we will find the best price for you.