Battle royal

This video game genre is actually a mode that is often found in shooters. In this mode the last man standing principle is mixed with survival and looting elements. The model for this mode is, among others, the Japanese feature film „Battle Royale“ from 2000 and the film series „The Tributes of Panem“. The game principle is the same as in the movies, the players compete alone or in teams against each other and fight for life and death.

The last team to survive or the last team to survive wins the round. All players usually start from a flying object like an airplane and jump over the playing card. There the players have to search for their weapons and items to defeat their opponents. As the game progresses more and more players are eliminated by the death and have lost.

After a certain time the playing zone gets smaller and smaller and the players get tighter and tighter. Players outside this zone will die after a certain amount of time if they do not re-enter the current zone. The game mode has been very popular in the gaming scene since 2017 with the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The Battle Royale Shooter has set up a real boom and records within a very short time. At peak times, over 3.3 million players from all over the world were on the servers at the same time. Meanwhile also well-known genre groups from the shooter area have their own Battle Royale modes. Among others Call of Duty, Battlefield and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. But new developments also rely on the mode, Electronic Arts has released its own Free2Play title with the game Apex Legends, which focuses on Battle Royale.

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