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        Frequently Asked Questions

        How does the game suggestion work?

        We have built up a database with the most popular Twitch games. Based on this, we have analyzed which other games have been played frequently in the combination. So it is a kind of "recommendation system" - as you know it from well-known online shops :). Are you looking for the best Gamekey prize? Why don't you try our Gamekey search?

        What should be taken into account in the proposals?

        Since statistically popular games are played more frequently, they can appear relatively often at the top positions in the proposals. Just have a look at all the results, maybe there's a game that you didn't remember and now you could play again.

        Game XY is missing from the list?

        Just send us an e-mail to info@keyfuchs.de and we will gladly add the game to our database. Name other games that you like to play and it will improve the algorithm for everyone.