Adventure games - A thrilling story, impressive game worlds, many secrets and difficult game - The adventure game is ready. No, it's not that simple, of course. However, the most important main components are already mentioned. The possibilities of today's computer hardware and the size of the games market bring the genre to a new level.

What distinguishes adventure games and what are the differences?

Capped as interactive stories in which you can make your own decisions and thus influence the further course, there are more and more aspects today. Thus, graphics play an important role in explaining the popularity of the genre. Especially the sub-genre Action-Adventure offers new thrills like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda.


Another key to popularity is the mostly Open-World based level design. There is usually so much to discover here that even after hundreds of hours of play you can still find something new. You can also quickly get lost in the side missions of the games and experience many other exciting stories away from the main goal. So it can also be that you get a bonus by completing these sidequests, which gives you an advantage in the further process. An example of the complexity of such game worlds is the Fallout series. Here you can quickly spend several days and nights until you explore the entire world of Fallout.

The adventure games have also conquered space. The game Star Citizen is one of the most committed and biggest computer game projects. However, you have to be patient here, the game is already playable but still in the beta phase. But one thing is already certain: This space adventure will be gigantic.

The market for classic adventure games has, however, declined considerably in recent times and only a few developer studios are still bringing new games onto the market. Of course we also try to find something new for the lovers of the classics.

So what are you waiting for? Look around and find exactly what you are looking for or let us inspire you.
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