Strategy games have been played by humans for several thousand years and they have not lost any of their fascination during all this time. So it is not surprising that they have been around since the beginnings of computer and console games. Over the last few years there have been many innovations in terms of graphics, complexity but also degree of difficulty. Thus the strategy games have made it from simple dice or turn-based strategy games to complex war and economic simulations. The opportunity to compete with friends or fellow players from all over the world gives another incentive to play strategy games and improve your own tactics.

What kinds of strategy games are there and how do they differ?

In general, all games can be grouped into two subgroups of the game mechanics. On the one hand there are the turn-based strategy games to English also turn-based strategy (tbs). On the other hand, the real-time strategy games in English are also real-time strategy (rts).

In turn-based strategy games, all players make their moves one after the other, and after all have made their moves, a new turn begins. The buffers are usually limited by points that the player can use to move units or produce resources and buildings.

Real-time strategy games, on the other hand, have no rounds or point based draws. Everything here takes place in real time and the opponent's movements must be reacted to immediately in order not to lose. Often it can be very complex and fast and you have to react to several events at the same time.

Naturally there are also games which contain strategy elements but are basically to be assigned to a different genre. In many shooters and RPG‘s, players generally have to be strategic to win.

The most popular titles from the genre of strategy games

Ü;over the years, many series of the genre have proven themselves and gained a firm place in it. After all, who hasn't played Stronghold, Age of Empires or Medieval yet? Or for fantasy fans, the WarCraft, StarCraft and Warhammer series. Meanwhile more and more new games with impressive graphics and game depth are entering the market. One of the Üsurprises of recent years are the Lord of the Rings games from Electronic Arts and Danger Close. These bring the story of the book and film series to the fans' computers and immerse them in the world of orcs and elves as deep as it was not possible before. So you yourself have in your hand how the fortunes around Middle-earth turn and turn.

Füfor whom are strategy games suitable and why should you play them?

The games of the genre are especially suitable for players who like to solve complex and difficult tasks. Above all, the unpredictability of the further course of the game allows a new gaming experience to emerge each time and thus promises not to let boredom arise. If this is not enough, there is also the possibility to increase the level of difficulty and thus create an even greater challenge.