The Elder Scrolls Online: The World of Arcanists - Magic, Power, and Mystical Secrets

24 May 2023, 22:58 / by Tom Schwiha
The Elder Scrolls Online: The World of Arcanists - Magic, Power, and Mystical Secrets

Welcome to the World of Arcanists

Hey adventurer! Great to have you here. Today, we will delve into the mysterious world of Arcanists in The Elder Scrolls Online. These mystical spellcasters are known for their abilities in the schools of Mysticism and Conjuration. But how does one become an Arcanist and what role do they play in the game? Let's find out together!

The Path to Becoming an Arcanist

Every Arcanist has their own unique story of how they came to this special type of magic. It often begins with a book that mysteriously finds its way from Apocrypha to Nirn and eventually into the hands of a mortal soulmate. The circumstances of this encounter are as individual as the character themselves.

Skills of the Arcanists

Arcanists are experts in the schools of mysticism and summoning. They can bring Magicka into physical forms to create shields, tentacles, weapons, and other ethereal constructs. These skills make them powerful allies in the fight against the enemies of Nirn.

The Relationship with the Tomes

The mystical books that serve as keys to the world of Arcanists can have different effects on their owners. Some view them with academic distance, while others base their entire lives on the knowledge in these tomes. Some even become as curious as Hermaeus Mora himself and spend the rest of their lives in isolated scholarship.

The Risk of Daedric Corruption

With great power comes great responsibility – this also applies to the Arcanists in The Elder Scrolls Online. Daedric corruption is a constant risk for those who seek magical power. To escape this danger, Arcanists should always be vigilant, careful, and competent.

Conclusion: Arcanists in The Elder Scrolls Online

Arcanists are fascinating characters with extraordinary abilities in the field of mysticism and summoning. Their path to power is as individual as they are, and dealing with their mystical books can have different effects on their lives. However, the pursuit of power also carries risks, and so Arcanists should always be vigilant to escape daedric corruption.

Are you now interested in taking on the role of an Arcanist yourself? Then take a look at The Elder Scrolls Online and start your own magical adventure in Tamriel. Have fun casting spells!

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