Valorant Patch 6.05 - Bug Fixes and Improvements

15 March 2023, 21:13 / by Fabian Rossbach
Valorant Patch 6.05 - Bug Fixes and Improvements
Riot Games has released the latest patch 6.05 for the popular FPS game Valorant. The patch notes are full of improvements and bug fixes to optimize the player experience. Players can look forward to many changes and bug fixes, including new audio and visual effects, while maintaining a personal tone.

Gekko receives many updates

The latest Valorant agent, Gekko, is the centerpiece of the 6.05 patch notes. The agent receives many improvements to optimize the player experience. For example, the audio design has been improved to make the explosions of Mosh Pit sound more realistic. Dizzy's plasma beams have also received an update, making it easier to identify whether they are flying towards oneself or an ally. The visual effects have also been improved. The game now displays when Gekko regains an orb. The Reclaim Globulus has also been visually upgraded, and performance in the agent select has been improved.

Improvements to Game Performance

Another important point in the 6.05 patch notes are the improvements to the performance systems. The introduction of the "CPU Wait GPU Time" metric helps players track when their machines are bound. This is an important step in optimizing performance. Work is also being done to reduce memory usage to improve game performance.

Improvements to Social Features

The latest patch version also includes some improvements to the social features. A bug has been fixed where players could appear twice in the friends list and where unfriendliness was not updated online. Another bug has been fixed where a player could activate auto-reject friend requests but still receive requests. These will now be automatically declined when auto-reject is activated.

Overall, the latest patch version of Valorant is an important step in optimizing the player experience. From improvements in audio design, visual effects, bug fixes, and social features, the 6.05 version of Valorant offers many new features. It's time to return and enjoy these improvements.

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