UNDECEMBER Zodiac Pass 3 - New season, new rewards overview

26 May 2023, 08:36 / by Fabian Rossbach
UNDECEMBER Zodiac Pass 3 - New season, new rewards overview

Zodiac Pass 3 in UNDECEMBER

Hello Rune Hunters! The new season of the Zodiac Pass in UNDECEMBER has started! With the new pass, you can expect many rewards and benefits on your journey. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the third season of the Zodiac Pass.

What is the Zodiac Pass?

The Zodiac Pass is an event in UNDECEMBER where you can earn EXP by completing missions and increase your pass level. With each level up, various rewards will be unlocked for you. The progress of the Zodiac Pass is tracked within your account and the rewards are available up to level 20.

Duration of Zodiac Pass 3

Zodiac Pass 3 runs from May 25th (after maintenance) to June 8th (before maintenance) (UTC+9).

Zodiac Pass Missions

You can view the missions of the Zodiac Pass through the "Event" icon in the game. There are daily missions and season missions. During the Zodiac Pass period, 5 daily missions are offered that you can complete to earn Pass EXP.

Zodiac Pass Rewards

  • Normal rewards: You receive them as your Zodiac Pass level increases.
  • Premium rewards: You receive them when you purchase the Premium Pass and increase your Zodiac Pass level.

Information on the Premium Pass

When you purchase the Premium Pass, you receive not only normal rewards but also premium rewards as your Pass level increases. Purchasing the Premium Pass grants you special benefits during the Pass season. To activate the Premium Pass, 455 diamonds are required. Your purchased Premium Pass and its benefits are only valid during the Zodiac Pass 3 period.

Notes on Zodiac Pass 3

  1. The period and details of the Zodiac Pass are subject to change.
  2. Remember to redeem your activated rewards before the end of the period (before maintenance on June 8th).

Use the Zodiac Pass in UNDECEMBER and have even more fun on your new journey! And if you want to discover more exciting games, check out our Steam Keys on Keyfuchs. Have fun and good luck!

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