Total War: Warhammer 3 - Chaos Dwarfs arriving in April

15 March 2023, 17:15 / by Tom Schwiha
Total War: Warhammer 3 - Chaos Dwarfs arriving in April

Total War: Warhammer 3 is getting an addition: With the Chaos Dwarfs DLC, the game finally gets one of the most anticipated factions. The DLC brings new campaign mechanics, objectives, and units to the game, providing even more variety. In this article, you'll find out exactly what the DLC includes.

Chaos Dwarfs Lords

With the Chaos Dwarfs DLC, you'll receive three new lords: Astragoth Ironhand, Drazhoath the Ashen, and Zhatan the Black. Each of the lords brings their own abilities and strengths to the game, which you can use to defeat your opponents.

Astragoth Ironhand is a powerful Sorcerer-Prophet and the High Priest of Hashut. However, his body is beginning to petrify, and he is therefore trapped in a powerful mech suit. Drazhoath the Ashen is a Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut and the commander of the Legion of Azgorh. He is equally skilled in magic and engineering and is seeking revenge. Zhatan the Black, on the other hand, is the commander of the Tower of Zharr. His unparalleled combat skills ensure that the Infernal Forges cannot keep up with the production of weapons and ammunition.

New Units

The Chaos Dwarfs also bring new units to the game. Particularly powerful are the war machines, which include the Magma Cannon, Skullcracker, and Dreadquake Mortar. With these weapons, you can effectively and quickly defeat your enemies.

Unique Campaign Mechanics

The DLC also brings unique campaign mechanics with it. With the Hell Forge, you can develop special mechanics that give your army a bonus in battle. The Infernal Forges are also the cornerstone of the Chaos Dwarfs' economic system, which has many layers. You must ensure that there are enough workers to keep the forges running while also building and expanding new buildings.

With the Tower of Zharr, the Chaos Dwarfs fight for control over special seats on the council. Each newly acquired seat gives your faction new rewards. With Convoys, on the other hand, you can trade war tools for various resources while also getting involved in battles.

Price and Availability

The Chaos Dwarfs DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3 will be available from April 13th. You can pre-order the DLC now. This not only secures the DLC at a special price, but also all new content that will be released throughout the year for Total War: Warhammer 3.

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