Stellaris - The 3.10.2 "Pyxis" Open Beta Patch

28 November 2023, 11:16 / by Tom Schwiha
Stellaris - The 3.10.2 "Pyxis" Open Beta Patch

Stellaris and the brand new 3.10.2 Pyxis Patch

Attention, fans of the space epic! There are some exciting news from the universe of Stellaris. The latest update for the testing branch on Steam is here, bringing the 3.10.2 "Pyxis" beta patch, which is currently being certified for release.

What's new in the Pyxis Patch?

This update brings some exciting changes, including a fix for a frequent MacOS crash and a full Outliner customization. But that's not all! Let's take a closer look at the details:

The Highlights of the Stellaris Pyxis Patch


  • A new custom tab functionality for the Outliner has been added.


  • There have been several adjustments to character class traits and features, as well as certain event chains and modifiers.

Bug Fixes

  • Various bugs have been fixed, including display issues with certain traits and problems with specific event chains.

Stability & Performance

  • A fix for a frequent crash on MacOS has been implemented.
  • Performance issues caused by the Outliner notification have been resolved.

But that's not all! The patch also brings improvements to AI and expands possibilities for modders. Please note that you will need to manually opt in to the beta patch to access it.

Outliner Customization in Stellaris: Everything You Need to Know

In version 3.10.2, Stellaris has now added the ability to fully customize your Outliner tabs. You can choose which elements you want to display on that particular tab, allowing you to set up your tabs according to your preferences - whether it's everything on a single tab or different information on different tabs.

How to Join the Beta Test

To participate in the beta test for the 3.10.2 "Pyxis" open beta patch, you will need to manually opt in. To do this, go to your Steam library, right-click on Stellaris -> Properties -> Betas tab -> and select the "stellaris_test - 3.10.2 Open Beta" branch.

Are you ready for an even better Stellaris experience? Don't hesitate and try out the new patch! And if you don't have a Steam key for the game yet, be sure to check out our Steam Keys page. Have fun exploring the cosmos!

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