Starfield - Shipbuilding is missing one crucial thing

18 September 2023, 07:20 / by Fabian Rossbach
Starfield - Shipbuilding is missing one crucial thing

The Fascination of Shipbuilding in Starfield

It is possible to build a variety of exciting ships in Starfield, but the feature is lacking a bit in an area where it really counts.

Shipbuilding is a major highlight of Starfield, but one feature could make it a more comprehensive and immersive experience. Building on the experience of settlement customization introduced in Fallout 4, Bethesda has brought even more unique building options for both outposts and ships to Starfield. Whether you're trying to maximize a ship's capabilities or focusing on the aesthetic appearance of an outstanding spacecraft, it's easy to spend hours perfecting a creation. However, spending large amounts of time working on a Starfield ship can have the side effect of making the limitations of the system more apparent.

The Limitations of Shipbuilding in Starfield

As a feature that ultimately is just a side aspect of an extensive game about space exploration, it's not surprising that customization of Starfield ships is not the be-all and end-all of shipbuilding. Ship components cannot be fully rotated - a system that makes sense for certain components like engines. On the other hand, customization also ignores many physical considerations, allowing for the creation of strange Starfield ships that may not withstand the rigors of space travel for long. For those who focus on the visual aspects of creation, this could be a plus, while simulation enthusiasts might prefer a more realistic approach.

The Interior Design of Starfield Ships is Lacking

The interiors of Starfield ships are primarily determined by living spaces that can be acquired within the shipbuilding feature. Living spaces can be purchased from five different manufacturers - Deimos, HopeTech, Nova, Stroud-Eklund, and Taiyo. Each offers different interior designs. The only real customization within a Starfield ship is achieved through manually placing objects. However, each such decoration is thrown into storage every time a ship is modified.

Customizing the Interior Spaces Would Enhance Shipbuilding in Starfield

Having the ability to place doors and hatches inside a ship could open up the arrangement of upgrades in a Starfield ship in a way that the fully prefab system does not achieve. With nearly endless possibilities for exterior combinations, the limitation of interior design to specific hubs falls short of the cool potential of Starfield shipbuilding. While expanding this aspect is not necessarily essential to the game, it would help to expand the options for an environment that is likely to appear more frequently than any given planetary location. The shipbuilder in Starfield is a fun aspect of a game with a lot of variety, but opening up the interior options would truly fulfill its potential.

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