Starfield - The 7 Best Rifles (& How to Get Them)

18 September 2023, 13:54 / by Tom Schwiha
Starfield - The 7 Best Rifles (& How to Get Them)

Why Rifles are Essential in Starfield

Rifles are among the most versatile weapons in Starfield. They provide a balanced option that can deal decent damage, with good range and rate of fire. While other rifles may be stronger per shot, rifles are always a suitable backup weapon for most situations.

Although rifles are a strong weapon to rely on, they should not be the only weapon in your arsenal. Other firearms and melee weapons can help bypass damage resistances. Additionally, encounters with powerful unique enemies or simply a large number of foes may occur, where area-of-effect explosives could prove useful.

The 7 Best Rifles in Starfield

  1. Acid Rain: This rifle is a specially named version of the standard Grendel Bullpup Rifle. It can be found at Apex Electronics on New Atlantis.
  2. Tempest: Tempest is a powerful rifle that requires you to choose a specific faction.
  3. Fiscal Quarter: Even the main story offers powerful weapons. You can obtain the semi-automatic rifle Fiscal Quarter from the main quest "All That Money Can Buy".
  4. Gallow's Reach: Gallow's Reach is an upgraded Old Earth Assault Rifle. It belongs to the artifact collector Petrov.
  5. Peacekeeper: The Peacekeeper is one of the unique versions of the AA-99 Rapid Fire Rifle. It is obtained through the side quest "Groundpounder" on Altair II.
  6. Revenant: The Revenant is another powerful Magshear Rifle that can be acquired through collaboration with the Crimson Fleet.
  7. Justifier: The Justifier is the main weapon of full-time members of the Freestar Rangers. While junior deputies already have the impressive Deadeye sidearm, promoted officers receive a new weapon upon completing the faction quest "The Hammer Falls".

Now you know the best rifles in Starfield and how to obtain them. It's up to you to master them and rise as the hero of the stars!

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