Sons of the Forest - Patch 11: Spear-throwing Cannibals, Electric Upgrades, and More

15 September 2023, 14:56 / by Tom Schwiha
Sons of the Forest - Patch 11: Spear-throwing Cannibals, Electric Upgrades, and More

Welcome to the Forest - Home of the Cannibals

Hey gamers, it's time to sharpen our axes and get ready for another round of horror survival. Yes, you heard it right, Sons of the Forest, the gripping game by Endnight Games, has received an update. And let me tell you, this time there are some really cool things to discover!

How about spear-throwing cannibals? Or what do you think of new electric upgrades? And those are just two of the many new features and improvements in this patch. Let's dive into the dark world together and find out what Patch 11 has in store for us.

New Features at a Glance

This update brings some exciting new features. The developers have revamped the electricity system and added a new battery pickup. This is now necessary to keep things running at night. But be careful: there is a limit to the amount of items that can be powered by a single source. If you exceed this limit, your lights will start flickering and eventually overload.

But that's not all! Some of our favorite (or should we say most feared?) cannibals now have the ability to throw spears at you. So be on your guard! They can also build bonfires to mark your position. That sounds like quite a lot of trouble, doesn't it?

Details of the New Features

  1. New Electricity System: A major upgrade has been implemented, and there is now a new large battery item.
  2. Solar Cells: They can now be freely placed.
  3. New Types of Cannibals: Meet Eddy, who throws spears, and Greg, who builds bonfires.
  4. Expansion of Cave A: There is a new area with a discoverable object and the ability to create concave corner ramps.
  5. Interlude in the Food Bunker: A new sequence awaits you!

Preparing for the Next Battle

As you can see, Sons of the Forest continues to keep things exciting. With these new features, surviving in the wilderness becomes even more challenging and thrilling. But don't worry, you're not alone. We at Keyfuchs are always here for you, providing you with the latest updates and tips.

So, grab your Steam Key, put on your combat gear, and dive into the adventure. And remember: we are stronger than any cannibal!

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