Guild Wars 2 - Siege Turtle Skin and Many More Offers

28 March 2023, 20:01 / by Tom Schwiha
Guild Wars 2 - Siege Turtle Skin and Many More Offers

The MMORPG Guild Wars 2 has added many new offers to its Gem Store in the form of skins, gliders, mounts, and various items. We have summarized the highlights for you!

Super Sophisticated Siege Turtle Skin

One of the latest offers in Guild Wars 2 is the Super Sophisticated Siege Turtle Skin. With this expansion, you can transform your turtle into a real adventure mount and even make pixels explode from the cannonballs.

Black Lion Chest Update: Liberated Resolve

The Black Lion Chest update includes the coveted Liberated Resolve armor, available in Black Lion Chests. Each chest contains a Black Lion Statuette, Potion of Mist Rewards, and two common items. In the fifth slot, you have a chance to obtain rare items, glyphs, and skins from the Ice Reaver Weapon Collection and White Tiger Weapon Collection.

Exclusive Item: Undying Shackles Cape and Glider Combo

The exclusive item for Guild Wars 2 is the Undying Shackles Cape and Glider Combo, which can be obtained from Black Lion Chests. The chains won't hold you down, but rather free your spirit and provide an amazing experience in the air.

What's in Stock

The seasonal gliders will be refreshed on March 31st, with a 20% discount for all players. To see what else is available, check out the Gem Store.

Returning This Week

In addition, from March 28th to April 10th, several other offers are back: Storage Expanders, Recharging Teleport to Friend, Black Lion Expedition Boards, and Black Lion Garden Plot Deeds are all 20% off. Black Lion Chest Keys and unique armor skins are also available from March 28th to March 31st with a 20-30% discount.

Now is your chance to score some great deals in Guild Wars 2. Browse the Gem Store and find your new favorite skins or exciting items to enhance your adventures.

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