Shop Titans Update - Yohan the Bard Takes the Stage

29 November 2023, 09:05 / by Fabian Rossbach
Shop Titans Update - Yohan the Bard Takes the Stage

Welcome to the world of Shop Titans

Hey gamers, are you ready for an amazing journey into the world of Shop Titans? We've got some hot news for you! A new premium worker has made their way into town, bringing along a bunch of cool updates. And that's not all - there are also some balance changes and bug fixes that will enhance the gaming experience.

Yohan the Bard takes the stage

Our new hero, Yohan the Bard, is a bit shy, but he's ready to give it his all! He's available to all players starting from level 18 and brings two new blueprint sets - magical instruments and powerful aura songs.

Magical Instruments for Your Customers

From glockenspiels to drums, Yohan has it all. This new blueprint series offers a variety of instruments that are loved by customers. And the best part? Every time a customer purchases an instrument, they play a few notes and give you some free energy. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Aurasongs - Enchanted Gemstones with Music

Aurasongs are special gemstones enchanted with music. They can be equipped by champions, granting them a unique aura and stat bonuses. And that's not all - the aura also provides a bonus to the entire group!

Fusion with the Champion Titan Soul

Think you've seen it all? Just wait until you see the Champion Titan Soul! This special fusion recipe is a tough nut to crack and definitely something for advanced players. But don't worry - luck is on your side because the fusion has no chance of failing.

Minor Changes and Balance Updates

In addition to the major updates, there are also some minor changes and balance updates in Shop Titans. The town has expanded, providing more space for newcomers like Yohan. Additionally, the maximum tier of items requested by champions has been reduced to 10.

Your Shop Awaits in Shop Titans!

Now it's your turn! Dive into the world of Shop Titans and discover all the new features and updates. Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, there's always something new to experience. So grab your Steam Key and let the games begin!

Bug Fixes for an Even Better Gaming Experience

No update is complete without bug fixes! The Shop Titans team has been hard at work fixing some bugs and improving the gaming experience. From resolving the quality event issue to correcting talents - a lot has happened. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for your next adventure in Shop Titans!
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