SEASON: A Letter to the Future - Release date postponement

17 January 2023, 20:18 / by Fabian Rossbach
SEASON: A Letter to the Future - Release date postponement

And again a game whose release date has been postponed. The eagerly awaited new adventure game SEASON: A letter to the future will now be released a month later than originally planned.

Release a little later

Scavengers Studios' long-awaited game for the PlayStation consoles and PC is taking its time. In the atmospheric adventure game SEASON you slip into the role of a young lady who is at home in a remote village. For the first time in her life she explores the wide world on her bicycle and discovers her joy in collecting new experiences and memories. On the way you meet a variety of characters who will change the course of the story. But this joy does not last long, because a catastrophe wipes out all memories.

The game is now final from 31 January for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store.

For the Playstation 5, the company has come up with additional features. There is an adaptive trigger that is used when cycling, as well as haptic feedback when the ground changes. This makes the gaming experience particularly realistic.

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