Riot Games - Details of new action game leaked

17 January 2023, 00:23 / by Fabian Rossbach
Riot Games - Details of new action game leaked

New information and details have surfaced about Riot Games' brand new Forge action game. The game is set to release on PC and consoles.

Rumors say that the leak comes from the South Korean Game Ratings Committee, which recently rated the game for future release. In the information listed by the committee, the game is titled Mageseeker: League of Legends Story. The story revolves around Sylas' prisoner uprising, starting with their punishment and ending with their birth as a mage. The rebellion behind the conspiracy is set on toppling Demacia's monarchy and ending the hierarchy of oppression in the nation.

Further details show us that the game will most likely receive a 12+ rating due to the recurring combat scenes involving both humans and other creatures.

We'll have to wait and see if this information actually makes it into the game. Stay tuned for more updates.

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