Path of Exile - Polarity Group SSF Event

29 March 2023, 21:30 / by Fabian Rossbach
Path of Exile - Polarity Group SSF Event

Path of Exile has released a new event for PC players. The Polarity Group SSF Event is the fourth and final end-of-league event available to players. The goal of the game is to work together with other players to defeat enemies. In this event, both monsters and players have "polarity" randomly assigned between two values. Players can only damage monsters that have the same polarity as them. Rare and unique monsters switch their polarity when they are in a critical state.

League Criteria and Accounts

The league has the usual goal of having three players at level 90 in the same area. Only on PC is it possible to participate in this event. It is recommended to work with a team of at least two players. Each account can have up to six accounts in the league. Once the game is launched, the event can be entered by clicking on the Polarity Group SSF Event banner on the character selection screen. Players can then create a Polarity Group SSF Private League for free and invite friends to play together.

Exclusive Game Prizes

The winners of the event will receive exclusive trophies for their hideouts. The first place will receive the Legend's Hideout, the second place the Champion's Hideout, the third place the Victor's Hideout, and the groups between fourth and tenth place will each receive the Challenger's Hideout. The prizes will be awarded to the groups that reach the set goals the fastest, which includes reaching level 90 in an area. The time starts with the creation of the league and ends when the group reaches the goal.

Tracking Progress

The progress list for the Polarity Group SSF Event is available on the Path of Exile website at the following link: All leagues for the month of March are listed on the events website of Path of Exile:

The Polarity Group SSF Event offers a new experience for players who need more coordination and communication to succeed. It is a great opportunity for players to work together and support each other to master the game. We wish all participants good luck in this competition.

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