New World - Tips, tricks, and everything you need to know!

21 September 2023, 08:14 / by Tom Schwiha
New World - Tips, tricks, and everything you need to know!

Welcome to Aeternum!

Greetings, adventurer! It's the perfect time to play New World, especially if you're new to the game. Aeternum continues to evolve with new features like mounts, progression changes, and improved open world PvP. Every change has been the result of player feedback.

The developers have teamed up with a variety of New World content creators to make it easier for new and returning players to get into "Rise of the Angry Earth". Whether you're curious about additional weapons, modes, storylines, areas, or features, you'll find everything you need to know for your next journey to the Eternal Isle.

New Player Tips:

According to ArsheeTV, New World had a rough start with many bugs. Some of them still exist, but the core of the game is still a lot of fun. There is now plenty to do, and the combat system is unparalleled.

The most important advice for new players is: don't get overwhelmed by the number of quests. Focus on the main story and remember that you can tackle side quests later. Explore 15 unique weapons and find your favorites.

Factions & PvP Modes

There are three factions in the game, each with their own unique styles and beliefs. Joining a faction brings some benefits, such as the ability to flag yourself for PvP in the open world and join companies.

There are various PvP modes, including 3v3 arenas, Outpost Rush, Influence Races, Wars, and open world PvP. In PvE content, you can experience expeditions, invasions, elite zones, and events.

Tips for Returning Players:

Whether you should create a new character or continue your journey depends on what is important to you as a player. If you have a character that is relatively high level, I would personally suggest jumping into the game with that character and enjoying the expansion with other players in a similar situation.

Progression & Endgame

All weapons are reasonably usable in most situations, and if they weren't, the developers have quickly responded and addressed the issues. Perfect balance is an impossible goal and would likely create an unfun player experience, but in general, most weapons are viable.

To further enhance mutations as an endgame activity, the experience for level 65 players has been revamped. As a result, you will need to purchase Rise of the Angry Earth and maximize your character level to enter Mutated Expeditions.

Content Creators

Follow each content creator for more guides, tips, and other original New World content:

  • ArsheeTV
  • LiamH
  • EternalHazard
  • BagginsTV
  • Jayoddity
  • FusionThunder
  • FCDoomsday
  • Savvvo
  • Tinker_Balambao
  • xVBlackSwanXv

Let us know your thoughts on starting or continuing your adventure. Thank you for your support! See you in Aeternum. And don't forget to visit Keyfuchs to get your New World Key.

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