New video game strategy - European Parliament

19 January 2023, 20:15 / by Fabian Rossbach
New video game strategy - European Parliament

In a report on measures, the European Parliament voted yesterday Wednesday in favor of means against loot boxes, gambling addiction, gold farming and more.

With this, the European Parliament is calling on the European Commission to deal with the current difficulties and problems in the games industry. The aim of the confrontation is to improve consumer protection, especially for young people. The report was initiated by Adriana Maldonado López and was accepted yesterday with 577 yes votes, 56 no votes and 15 abstentions. However, this does not only contain the simple demand for action of the European Commission, but also names specific recommendations for action. For example, the wish is expressed for the implementation of the PEGI system in the various types of games available in order to generate a binding age classification system for all games on the internal market and thus better protect children and young people. In addition, it was important for the European Parliament to make it clear that they recognize the value of the video game sector and its potential and do not want to restrict it.

The further measures or demands on the European Commission can be found here:

  • Age ratings and information

Support the promotion of public and private educational and informational campaigns for parents and caregivers to inform them about the tools available, such as the PEGI app, and to promote their use

Introduction of general terms for information such as the recommended minimum age, the theme of a game, in-game purchase options, the presence of pop-up advertising, and more

  • Consumer protection

Development of a common European identity verification system to verify the age of players

  • Development of minimum standards for the protection of privacy

To collect EU-wide data on average play time, average game spending, and the socio-psychological effects, and to submit an annual report to Parliament

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