Motorsport Games - Employees threaten to release source code

17 January 2023, 19:00 / by Fabian Rossbach
Motorsport Games - Employees threaten to release source code

In recent months, Motorsport Games has repeatedly made headlines for the wrong reasons. The reasons for this range from missing salary payments to threatened lawsuits by damaged employees. Now the next hurdle follows.

Extortion by employees

The affected employees are now taking things one step further. Since the previous methods of claiming wages have apparently led to nothing, they are now even planning to blackmail the company. This is according to Insider Gaming from an anonymous employee. The content of the blackmail: The company should pay the salaries by January 25, 2023, otherwise the source code for four of its games will be published online, including NASCAR: Ignition 21, NASCAR: HEAT 5, Indycar and KartKraft.

Speculations for this step are probably that the employees feel they have nothing to lose anymore. Whether they will actually follow through with it or whether there will still be a settlement of the conflict remains to be seen. We'll keep you posted.

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