Miasma Chronicles - An Epic Journey of Revenge and Secrets

25 May 2023, 08:40 / by Tom Schwiha
Miasma Chronicles - An Epic Journey of Revenge and Secrets

The Mysterious Assassin Jade

In Miasma Chronicles, you follow Jade, a lone survivor with a mysterious past, as she navigates her way through a world of danger and intrigue. As a skilled and sharp-tongued assassin, she meets Elvis, a man who may hold the key to finding the legendary warrior witch, Bha Mahdi. Jade hopes to use Bha Mahdi's help to exact revenge on the First Family, the high-tech tyrants of "New America." But will she let down her guard and open up to the brothers on their journey? She's never done that before.

Release Date and Wishlist

Miasma Chronicles is set to release on May 23, 2023. You can add the game to your wishlist now to ensure that you can start playing as soon as it's released. Stay up to date by following the official Miasma Chronicles social media channels.

The Dark World of New America

The dystopian world of New America offers exciting adventures and challenges for Jade and the Brothers. In this high-tech world, they must use their skills and knowledge to stand up against the all-powerful First Family. Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of Miasma Chronicles and explore a world full of secrets and dangers while maintaining a personal tone.

The Search for Bha Mahdi

On their journey, Jade and the Brothers encounter various characters who can either help or hinder them. The legendary warrior witch Bha Mahdi is a key factor in Jade's revenge plan. But will they be able to find Bha Mahdi and gain her assistance? Dive into the gripping story of Miasma Chronicles and experience the exciting twists and turns firsthand.

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  • Discord: 505.games/MiasmaChroniclesDiscord

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