Metal: Hellsinger - A Rhythm Shooter Between Hammer and Anvil

18 September 2023, 12:07 / by Fabian Rossbach
Metal: Hellsinger - A Rhythm Shooter Between Hammer and Anvil

The Sounds of Doom

Imagine you're on your way to hell, but instead of being annoyed, you're keeping the beat on the heads of demons. Welcome to Metal: Hellsinger, a first-person shooter that plunges you into a rhythmic battle. Developed by The Outsiders and powered by the Unity Engine, this game brings a unique blend of hardcore action and melodic metal.

The concept is simple yet effective: the more accurately you hit to the rhythm of the music, the more damage you inflict. Every shot and every hit is a drummer on your journey through hell. But now, the game itself could be on the path to damnation due to concerns over Unity's new fees.

Unity fees cast dark shadows

The Unity Engine is a heavyweight in game development, producing indie hits like Metal: Hellsinger. But the recently announced "Unity runtime fee" has sent shockwaves through developers worldwide. With fees of up to 20 cents per installation, this could spell the end for many games developed on the platform.

Even David Goldfarb, the founder of The Outsiders, has voiced his concerns and warned fans of the game to secure it while they can. A bleak outlook for anyone looking forward to a round of rhythmic demon slaying.

What does this mean for Metal: Hellsinger?

That remains to be seen. While some developers are already considering a switch to another engine, The Outsiders have not announced any concrete plans. But the news casts a shadow over the future of Metal: Hellsinger.

Despite everything, the game remains a unique experience. The soundtrack, filled with songs from metal giants like Trivium and Arch Enemy, provides an adrenaline-fueled gameplay like no other. And if you stay in rhythm and crush your enemies, you'll be rewarded with points – a system that significantly increases replay value.

How to get the game

Until September 25th, Metal: Hellsinger is discounted on Steam. So if you're considering getting it, now is the right time. You can also purchase a Steam key on our Steam Key page.

Whether you're a fan of shooters, rhythm games, or metal – or all three – Metal: Hellsinger offers a unique experience. Grab it while you can and make the demons tremble to the beat of your music!

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