Manor Lords - Launch Approaching

18 April 2024, 18:00 / by Tom Schwiha
Manor Lords - Launch Approaching

Prior to the upcoming launch on Steam Early Access, Slavic Magic, the developer behind the highly anticipated game Manor Lords, is issuing an important statement. The goal is to manage the expectations of the community and avoid hype overload.

What Manor Lords is and what it is not

Manor Lords has quickly become one of the most anticipated games on Steam, with over two million wishlists and growing excitement. However, the developer Slavic Magic wants to make it clear that this game does not simply fit into existing categories.

It is neither a direct competitor to Total War, nor an RPG or a fast RTS like Age of Empires. Instead, players can expect a strategic game that combines city building with resource management, tactical real-time battles, and even a bit of medieval life simulation.

Unique approach to gameplay in Manor Lords

As a medieval lord in Manor Lords, you start with a village that you must expand into a thriving city while also keeping an eye on martial conflicts. The unique blend of genres has led the developer, known as Greg from Slavic Games, to actively communicate the game mechanics and direction:

  • Manor Lords is a city-building simulation with combat elements.
  • It is not a grand strategy game in the style of empire management. The map has regions, but conquering the whole of Europe is not the goal.
  • There are no first-person elements, and the game pace is deliberately slower, focusing on detailed city building and management.

Prior to launch: Expectation management as key

Expectation management plays a crucial role in the launch of such a highly anticipated game. Slavic Magic's openness in clearly defining the game features and communicating what the game is not is a remarkable approach in the industry. This transparency is essential to give players a realistic idea of what to expect and to prevent disappointments.

No fixed roadmaps for updates

Greg also mentions that there will be no set roadmap for future updates. The development of Manor Lords is intended to remain flexible to be able to respond to player feedback and implement the features that are truly desired. This philosophy of "listening, evaluating, and implementing" demonstrates the effort to create a game that satisfies both the developers and the community.

Ready for Early Access

Manor Lords will launch in Steam Early Access on Friday, April 26th. Players interested in a deeper and strategically challenging medieval simulation can add the game to their wishlist and directly influence its development.

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