Haste: Broken Worlds - Speed, Timing, and Pure Adrenaline

28 November 2023, 15:44 / by Fabian Rossbach
Haste: Broken Worlds - Speed, Timing, and Pure Adrenaline

"Haste: Broken Worlds" - A Speed Rush

Welcome to the universe of "Haste: Broken Worlds", the latest indie game from the creators of TABS and Clustertruck, Landfall Games. Are you ready for a thrilling journey through crumbling worlds? It's all about speed and your ability to move at lightning speed while the world around you collapses.

Landfall Games is no stranger to the indie gaming scene. With games like the insane vehicle-platformer Clustertruck and the physics-based combat sandbox game TABS, the Swedish development team has already landed two real Steam hits. With "Haste: Broken Worlds," they seem to have created another fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled experience.

The ultimate "One more run" simulator

In "Haste: Broken Worlds", you find yourself trapped in a world that is literally crumbling around you. Your only chance of survival? Run, jump, and glide as fast as you can. In terms of the sensation of speed, the game competes with some of the best parkour games like Mirror's Edge and Ghostrunner 2.

But be careful: Just running alone won't be enough. You also need to maneuver skillfully through the air and perfect your landings to maintain your momentum. Otherwise, the collapsing world will catch up with you.

Procedural levels for endless variety

Each level in ""Haste: Broken Worlds" is procedurally generated. This means that you can expect a new challenge with every playthrough. No run is the same!

There is no fixed release date yet. However, you can already add ""Haste: Broken Worlds" to your Steam wishlist and follow the progress of the game.

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