GTA 6 - The 10 Biggest Changes

29 May 2024, 12:29 / by Fabian Roßbach
GTA 6 - The 10 Biggest Changes

Grand Theft Auto VI is just around the corner and expectations are high. What will this new game from Rockstar Games bring to the table? Here are 10 groundbreaking changes that will revolutionize GTA VI.

1. Fully Enterable Buildings

One of the biggest and most exciting innovations in GTA VI will be the ability to enter and explore a large number of buildings. Rockstar expressed the desire to develop fully explorable buildings in an internal memo back in 2012. Now, it seems like this dream is becoming a reality in GTA VI. Leaks suggest that up to 70% of the buildings in Vice City and the surrounding region of Leonida will be enterable. This could make the game world more vibrant and realistic than ever before.

2. Randomly Generated Interiors

To enable the multitude of enterable buildings, Rockstar could introduce a system for randomly generated interiors. A patent indicates that they might use a database to dynamically generate objects and layouts. This would allow for a variety of different yet realistically designed interiors to be created without designers having to manually create each room.

3. Focus on Heists

Heists are expected to be a central gameplay element in GTA VI. Inspired by famous robber duos like Bonnie and Clyde, players will have the opportunity to rob a variety of locations such as gas stations and houses. This mechanic could be supported by the new system of randomly generated interiors to give each heist a unique touch.

4. More Realistic and Reactive NPCs

Rockstar Games is known for its lively NPCs, but in GTA VI, they will be even more realistic and reactive. New AI models and an improved tagging system are set to make NPCs react to their environment in diverse and believable ways. This could lead to unique and dynamic interactions that intensify the gameplay experience.

5. Enhanced Driving Physics and Traffic Systems

Another patent reveals that Rockstar has revamped the traffic system in GTA VI. Instead of following predetermined routes, NPC vehicles are expected to consider a variety of environmental conditions and traffic flow. This could not only make driving more interesting but also make car chases more complex and thrilling.

6. Larger Game World

The map of GTA VI is projected to be significantly larger than that of GTA V. Speculations and leaks suggest that the game world could possibly be twice as big. This expanded map could encompass different cities and a variety of landscapes, offering players more space for exploration and adventures.

7. Integrated Role-Playing Features

Role-playing elements that became popular in GTA Online through mods could be integrated into GTA VI from the start. Rockstar has acquired developers of popular role-playing mods, indicating that they might officially incorporate these features into the game. This would allow players to assume different roles and immerse themselves deeper into the world of GTA VI.

8. Dual Protagonists

GTA VI is expected to feature two playable main characters: Jason and Lucia. These two characters are said to be in a relationship and offer a variety of opportunities for tactical and narrative depth. Switching between the characters could be smoother and more frequent than in GTA V, opening up new gameplay dynamics.

9. New Gameplay Mechanics

GTA VI could introduce a range of new gameplay mechanics, including lying on the ground, switching shoulders while aiming, and shooting from car windows. These new movement options could significantly enhance and diversify stealth and combat behaviors in the game.

10. Seamless Lobby Switching

A revolutionary system for managing online sessions could enable seamless switching between different game servers. This could drastically reduce loading times and significantly enhance the online experience. Players could freely navigate a vast game world without being interrupted by long loading screens.

GTA VI promises to once again push the boundaries of the open-world genre, offering a variety of exciting new features that could revolutionize the gaming experience. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of GTA VI.

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