Europa Universalis IV - New Units and Graphics for the Domination Update

29 March 2023, 20:08 / by Fabian Rossbach
Europa Universalis IV - New Units and Graphics for the Domination Update

The latest update for Europa Universalis IV, called Domination, will add many new contents to the popular strategy game while keeping its personal tone. These new contents include new units and graphics that will allow players to dive even deeper into the world of the 17th century. The game developers have put an incredible amount of work into creating these new units and graphics. In total, around 600 new 2D assets were created to enhance the game. These include images for events, government reforms, and missions to support the content of the Domination update and the 1.35 patches.

Ottoman Missions: New Graphics for the Ottoman Empire

One of the most notable additions in the Domination update are the new graphics for Ottoman missions. These new graphics perfectly capture the feel of the 17th century. The update also includes improved graphics for the Ottoman Empire, providing players with an even more realistic experience. The missions include a variety of challenges for players to overcome - from uprisings to attacks on cities.

New Units for the French

The Domination update also includes new units for the French. The Tier-1 units feature a closed sallet helmet and heavy armor, perfectly fitting for infantry. The black steel breastplate and cavalier hat of the Tier-2 unit are typical of cavalry officers of the time. The higher tier units are focused on elite grenadiers of the French army, equipped with bearskin hats. Finally, there is a unit based on the Old Guard, the most esteemed veterans of the Napoleonic Grande Armée.

New Units for the Filipinos

Another addition in the Domination update are the new units for the Filipinos. The units are focused on the many small countries in the Philippines. The new units are inspired by ancient Filipino swords with hidden wooden scabbards and the Moro armor and salakot hat. The last unit is reminiscent of the Filipino soldiers who served in Spanish forces towards the end of the EU4 era.

New Units for the Chinese

The many cultures in southern China also receive their own units to differentiate themselves from the Ming units. The armor of the Tier-1 unit is an early Song dynasty, equipped with curious interlocking scales. The armor was often adorned with elaborate engravings and decorations, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The conical helmet used by Tier 3 is indeed a type of armor.

The New Loading Screens

In addition to the new units and graphics, the Domination update also includes a range of new loading screens. These new loading screens are incredibly detailed and perfectly capture the atmosphere of the 17th century. One of the most notable loading screens shows Mehmed II using his bombards to breach the Theodosian Walls and his Janissaries storming Constantinople in 1453.

Europa Universalis IV: Domination is a fantastic update for fans of the game.

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