Destiny 2 - Schedule Changes, New Content, and More

28 November 2023, 13:39 / by Tom Schwiha
Destiny 2 - Schedule Changes, New Content, and More

Delay of Destiny 2 expansion "The Final Shape"

The highly anticipated expansion Destiny 2, "The Final Shape", has been delayed by Bungie to ensure that the conclusion is top-notch. Rumors of a possible delay for Destiny 2 have been circulating for a few weeks, and the community has been wondering if The Final Shape will still be released in winter or not. Now, the developer has confirmed that the expansion needs more time to become exactly what it's meant to be.

The long-awaited expansion will now be released on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. While the release date of Destiny 2 The Final Shape is coming later than expected, there are other "new content" that we can look forward to.

New Content and Changes

With the release of the Season of the Wish, Bungie has confirmed that this will be the last season before the launch of The Final Shape. In the new year, three new PvP maps will be added to the Crucible mode. Additionally, the developer is adding weekly progression quests called "Wishes" and moving the Guardian Games up to March.

In April, an even bigger expansion called "Into the Light" is on the horizon. Bungie explains that Into the Light will lead up to The Final Shape and prepare us for our climactic journey into the Traveler. According to Blackburn, this additional content is intended for players with 5,000 hours or more, or for friends who have just joined Destiny 2 and want to catch up before the conclusion of the saga.

Reactions to the Delay

Despite the delay, many fans are excited and comment that they are looking forward to the new content. Bungie acknowledges that "delays aren't fun," but the team is "excited to have the extra time" to meet the Guardians' expectations for The Final Shape. Juggling between Into the Light, the Season of the Wish, and The Final Shape, the developer is delivering various exciting updates.

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