Dead by Daylight - Changes for The Skull Merchant and Screams

18 March 2023, 12:08 / by Fabian Rossbach
Dead by Daylight - Changes for The Skull Merchant and Screams

The developers of Dead by Daylight have announced some changes for the game. In a developer update, new adjustments for The Skull Merchant as well as for the survivors' screams were announced. Here are the key points:

The Skull Merchant

Dead by Daylight players have provided feedback on The Skull Merchant, prompting developer Behaviour Interactive to make some changes. The changes mainly affect the effectiveness of The Skull Merchant's power in combat, as well as the handling of Claw Traps and the defense of generators. To improve combat effectiveness, The Skull Merchant will receive a growing Haste effect for each pursued survivor group.

In addition, overcoming a palette with a Claw Trap will destroy the palette as well as a Claw Trap. When defending clusters of three generators, survivors can no longer immediately destroy the Killer's drones. The drones will only return after their respective traps have been destroyed.


The changes also affect some add-ons for The Skull Merchant, including Ultrasonic Trap Speaker, Expired Batteries, Prototype Rotor, and Adaptive Lighting. Ultrasonic Trap Speaker will now reduce the time it takes to switch to the "Undetectable" state within an active zone. Expired Batteries now have a shorter battery life, and Prototype Rotor increases the Killer's speed more than before. Adaptive Lighting now increases the length of the Undetectable state by 50%.


In a previous update, screams of survivors caused by perks were changed. These screams were initially modeled as "3D" in terms of their direction before being reset to a "2D" modeling due to feedback. The latest changes bring these screams back to a "2D" modeling, but with the original scream sounds and an audible range throughout the game.

The changes to The Skull Merchant and perks in Dead by Daylight will be available in the next update. The developers are also working on further changes and updates that will be announced in the future.

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