Dead by Daylight - More Killer Nerfs, The Pig is not safe either

29 November 2023, 09:45 / by Tom Schwiha
Dead by Daylight - More Killer Nerfs, The Pig is not safe either

New Killer Nerfs announced in Dead by Daylight

It's official, the latest update roadmap from Behaviour Interactive reveals new changes for the killers, and we might actually see another nerf for The Pig in Dead by Daylight.

With the release of its latest killer, the deadly doll Chucky, Dead by Daylight is on everyone's minds. Behaviour Interactive has even more changes planned for us. In a recent livestream, various quality improvements, game updates, and of course, killer tweaks were confirmed. Those who play as killers, including The Pig, will be affected by the DBD changes.

More Nerfs for The Pig?

That's right, we might see even more nerfs for The Pig in Dead by Daylight. One of the longest-running memes in the horror game continues to live on as Behaviour Interactive shares its detailed roadmap for upcoming tweaks. But it's not just The Pig that's affected. Other killers like Sadako and even the Demogorgon will have to brace themselves for adjustments.

Update plan for the upcoming months

  1. From January to March, Sadako fans will finally see a well-deserved rework of The Onryo. The developers admit that the previous changes to the killer "didn't quite hit the mark." The new update will specifically target the convicted playstyle and bring Sadako closer to her "original version."
  2. Between March and April, Behaviour Interactive plans tweaks for The Hag, The Pig, The Huntress, Demogorgon, The Clown, and The Doctor. Although the developers haven't shared much information about these changes yet, many of us are wondering if we'll get more nerfs for The Pig. Hopefully, we'll at least get a buff for Amanda's crouch speed.
  3. From April to June, there aren't as many killer updates planned, except for those for The Twins. The developers announce a "long-awaited killer update" for Charlotte and Victor, including a rework of their abilities. The adjustments to The Twins aim to address frustrations on both sides of the game.

In addition to the killer changes, there are also plenty of quality improvements. Remember the recent Dead by Daylight killer nerf that saw the dreaded rework of Batteries Included? The useful perk will be reset along with various other tweaks.

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