Call of Duty: Modern Warfare New update ships improvements and 2vs2 tournament in Gunfight mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: New update ships improvements and 2vs2 tournament in Gunfight mode

from Fabian Rossbach on 27.11.2019 18:17

New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update as of November 25, 2019

The newest patch of the shooter is not very big and is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The patch notes include a total of four improvements and six bug fixes.

Game improvements of the update

  • Up to 4-player groups in Gun Game are now possible
  • The FFA mode (Free for all) can now be found in the filter menu
  • Changes to the game search for FFA matches. If a game is already clearly heading towards the end, it is excluded from the match search. This is to prevent you from loading into a game that is almost over. In the worst case this even led to crashes.
  • The spawn cameras in Headquarters and Hardpoint modes have been disabled to ensure a better gaming experience.

Bug fixes of the update

  • The level of difficulty in Special Operations has been slightly adjusted.
  • Some perks have been adjusted to fix bugs.
  • The laser sights have also been adjusted to eliminate bugs.
  • Possibilities to boost from the map have been removed. If players still find new ways to boost from the map, these ways should be reported to support.

First tournament in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Live - 2vs2 Firefight (Gunfight)

The first official tournament in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is played as 2vs2 in Firebox mode or Gunfight in the English version. The maps of the mode are rather small and specially designed for this mode.
During the round there are constantly changing loadouts and loadouts which are determined by the game. The goal of Gunfight is to eliminate the two opposing players or to survive with more team health.

How can I participate in the 2vs2 tournament?

You just have to search for the tournament in the multiplayer menu and select it. Now you only have to invite a friend from the friends list or have a random teammate assigned to you.
Each tournament has 32 players in 16 teams. Anyone who loses a match is eliminated from the tournament and can join a new tournament.

Rewards of the Gunfight Tournament

As a reward in the first rounds there are emblems and XP for playing and so there is still no difference to regular playing. From the quarter finals on there will be more XP and a brass knuckles as a reward. In the semi-finals there will be more XP and a special emblem. The first place gets the most XP and a construction plan for the .50 GS which also gives the Desert Eagle a new look.

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