War Thunder - La Royale Update: The BTR-80A Armored Personnel Carrier

25 May 2023, 07:44 / by Fabian Rossbach
War Thunder - La Royale Update: The BTR-80A Armored Personnel Carrier

BTR-80A armored personnel carrier in the La Royale update

The BTR-80A, one of the most well-known armored personnel carriers of the Soviet Army, will be introduced in the upcoming La Royale update of War Thunder. As a light tank of the USSR at Rank IV, it offers some interesting features and challenges for players.

Features of the BTR-80A

The BTR-80A is characterized by its 30mm automatic cannon, which offers both a high rate of fire and good penetration power. In addition, it has a high top speed of up to 87 km/h, allowing it to quickly get into position or retreat from dangerous situations. Its amphibious capability is particularly interesting, as it allows the vehicle to cross bodies of water.

Disadvantages of the BTR-80A

Despite its impressive features, the BTR-80A also has its weaknesses. Its large profile and weak armor make the vehicle vulnerable to gunfire. Especially machine guns with armor-piercing ammunition can be dangerous for the armored personnel carrier.

Strategies for the BTR-80A

To effectively use the BTR-80A, it is important to know its strengths and weaknesses. The high speed and maneuverability should be used to quickly get into position and surprise the enemy. At the same time, one should try to seek cover and hide the vehicle's high profile as much as possible.

The La Royale Update in War Thunder

With the La Royale Update, not only the BTR-80A awaits you, but also many other new vehicles and features in War Thunder. Be excited for new locations, gameplay functions, and improvements to your favorite game! Don't forget to secure your Steam Key for the game and stay tuned for more exciting updates about War Thunder.

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