Aim Lab Update: Improved In-Game Shop and New Inventory System - All Information & Updates at a Glance

25 May 2023, 23:08 / by Tom Schwiha
Aim Lab Update: Improved In-Game Shop and New Inventory System - All Information & Updates at a Glance

The latest Aim Lab update brings fresh air to the game

Attention all fans of precise shooting! Aim Lab has improved its in-game shop and introduced a brand-new inventory system. This makes it even easier for you to find or switch your favorite weapon skins and target packages.

New shop and inventory system provide better overview

The in-game shop of Aim Lab has received a major upgrade. You can now conveniently browse through all the items offered and use filters for weapons, targets, packages, and new items. Additionally, there is a brand-new search bar that allows you to find the perfect combination of weapon skin and target package for you!

The New Inventory System in Detail

To complement the brand-new shop and ever-growing collection of cosmetic items, Aim Lab has added a new inventory system. This allows you to easily manage, equip, and inspect everything in your inventory - including shop items, free event items, and standard items. Just like in the new shop, you can filter and search through all your items in the new inventory system to keep track of your collection.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

In addition to the improved shop and new inventory system, the update also brought some bug fixes and improvements:

  • Various stuttering fixes
  • Major improvements to result screen graphics, task highlights, and point history
  • Playlist task list fixed in result screens and playlist loop function restored
  • New accounts can now immediately see replays on result screens
  • Recommended tasks in result screens should now appear more consistently
  • Buying a skin from settings now immediately unlocks it

Future Updates: More Excitement to Come!

Aim Lab has even more exciting updates planned! These include:

  • More bug fixes for result screens, leaderboards, and replays based on community feedback
  • The first ranked season!
  • And much more!

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