A Plague Tale: Requiem - New patch allows raytracing shadows

19 January 2023, 21:00 / by Fabian Rossbach
A Plague Tale: Requiem - New patch allows raytracing shadows

The new patch that's now available finally enables raytracing, giving you sharper shadow quality with minimal performance loss. SO the game can not only impress with a great story.

As last year's Game Awards nominee, A Plague Tale: Requiem, whose storyline had already convinced the critics, now had to catch up graphically. Granted - there was nothing to complain about the graphics even before the introduction of RT shadows per se, but A Plague Tale: Requiem can now add one more. The first reviews of the new patch are highly laudatory: For example, raytracing really makes shadows look much sharper and clearer. Objects and people look much more defined in their contours. What is also noteworthy is the low frame rate deficit when RT is active.

With a size of 200 MB, the patch is relatively small and is now available for download. Test it right away. But keep in mind that your PC should meet the minimum requirements so that you can experience this game to the fullest.


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