Racing games

racing games or to English racing games. From an early age they accompany you on all platforms. It all started in the 1970s with Space Race by Atari, where you took control of a spaceship. However, this does not have much in common with today's offshoots of this genre. The goal was to steer the spaceship through a meteor field without being hit by it. The whole thing even as a multiplayer! Only one year later the first racing game came on the market, in which one could steer a racing car.

You chased them through a circuit and went on a highscore hunt. In 1979 it was time for Vectorbeam’s Speed Freak – The first racing game with 3D vector graphics. At the latest, a hype has been triggered about this genre, which is still alive today. The possibilities offered by modern engines and current hardware are today of course on a completely different level. Also the range of subgenres is so wide today that you should get an overview first.

What defines racing games?

As already mentioned, there is no definition of the location of the event here. So racing games are basically defined by the fact that you take part in a competition with a vehicle. Whether that takes place in first-person or third-person is aside. The vehicle as such is also only important when it is classified in one of the sub-genres. The possibilities range from land, water, air to space.

What subgenres are there and how do they differ?

The most important criterion for the classification of racing games is complexity or difficulty. There are games that come with extensive physics and every scratch can have an influence on the driving and flying behavior of your vehicle. On the other side are the arcade games. Here your vehicle will not be damaged and the effects of an accident will not be felt. Of course, this doesn't mean that an arcade game is any easier than one with complex simulations. Only the scope and the influencing factors differ enormously here. So Mario Kart is easier for a beginner to learn than a Forza Horizon.


Arcade games are rather something for the casual gamer who doesn't attach much importance to realism.
In the foreground are fast, fun and action-packed experiences. For beginners the arcade games offer a good start to get to know the genre. The behaviour of the vehicles here is usually designed for fast progress. In the case of land racing, it is often advantageous to take a turn with a drift. The other elements are also far removed from realism. So the vehicles are fictitious and usually have very different abilities. As a race track, you will often find places and worlds here that are not intended for racing. In some cases they are even completely fictitious worlds. The kind of race differs here partly strongly from more realistic Racinggames. It can happen that the target is not the fastest lap, but the highest possible material damage in a certain period of time. An example for this kind of games is the Burnout series. Also the vehicles in these games do not only differ in appearance and performance. In some cases, they bring feelings and gadgets. One car can shoot rockets, the other can jump or become invisible. Sounds like fun? Then have a look around in our assortment.

On the contrary are the race simulators. Vehicles and race track are adapted from real life and are as similar to the original as possible. This is made possible by the distribution of author licenses. So in F1 you can take a seat in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car and drive on the famous tracks of this world at the best time. Fans of rally racing will also find a lot here. Series like DiRT, WRC and Dakar offer something for everyone. The main goal of the developers here is to make the game and the physics as realistic as possible. The choice of tyres, surface, temperature and wind direction have an influence on the driving characteristics of the vehicles. There are, of course, many other factors that you need to take into account.

The other subgenres can be quickly narrowed down. So the game setting is crucial here. The racing games on land are the most versatile here. Whether motorcycle, racing car, truck or a Toyota Corolla – Here you will surely find the right one. But there are also races in the air or in space. Here you need a good sense of direction and a head for heights. The scene of the water racing games is probably the smallest. Here you don't have so much choice, but we at Keyfuchs are constantly expanding our assortment. If you haven't found what you're looking for yet, maybe you'll find it in the future. Even later, only the lowest price is also the best price for us.