Lost Ember News about the game and the best offers for the release

Lost Ember: News about the game and the best offers for the release

from Fabian Rossbach on 22.11.2019 18:33

Lost Ember - on the traces of a civilization

With Lost Ember, adventure fans can expect a very special game on November 22, 2019. The game of Mooneye Studios is not only released for PC via Steam and GOG, but also for PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch fans will have to wait a little longer for the release. In the near future, a VR mode will be added to the game.

An exciting journey into the past

Lost Ember features an atmospheric world in which players will search for clues to learn more about the fate of a lost civilization. Of the cities and temples of the people, only ruins have remained, which are now overgrown by numerous plants. In the course of the journey one learns more about the fates of individual characters and gradually understands what happened to the people.

An exceptional perspective

Lost Ember explores the game world from a very special perspective. Thus the players slip into the role of a wolf, which is meeting many other animals during its journey. Each of the animals has individual abilities that help him in the search for clues. You can take control of any animal you encounter during your adventure. While the wolf for example is characterized by its agility and its speed, other animals can explore areas, which remain unavailable to the wolf. For example, the air can be explored with birds and the waters with fishes to uncover even more hidden secrets. In this way, Lost Ember provides a unique gameplay that lets the player view the world from very different angles.

Buy your Lost Ember Key

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